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Hole #9
Par 4- 309 Yards

Hole #9 is a short par 4 and provides an opportunity to finish your front nine off with a birdie. The hole doglegs off to the right and is protected by out of bounds on both sides. You want to aim your tee shot at the 100 yard marker, but if you think you’re a big hitter the green is reachable off your tee shot. The danger of going for the green is the ball could end up in the bottom and leave you with a blind shot on your approach shot. There is out of bounds if you go over the green into the parking lot.

The green is protected by bunkers on the right and left side. The green is relatively long and slopes from top to bottom.



Hole #18
Par 4- 398 Yards

Hole #18 is a very difficult finishing hole. The same fairway and green is shared with hole #9 but the tee box is placed 90 yards behind and further to the right of the tee box on hole #9. You can try to cut off some distance by aiming to the right but with the driving range running along the right side of the fairway anything that misses the fairway risks going out of bounds.

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