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Hole #8
Par 3- 154 Yards

Hole #8 requires a good tee shot and can ruin anyone’s round. There is a water hazard that runs from the tee boxes all the way up to the green on the right side. There is also out of bounds off to the left if you go too far left. Going over the green could provide a challenging chip shot as the green slopes from back to front.

This green is another connected green. The right side slopes from back to front. Missing on the left side of the green would leave you with a very fast putt down the slope.



Hole #17
Par 3- 140 Yards

Hole #17 is also a par 3 that is 15 yards shorter than hole 8. There is not as much danger on the tee shot but any pulled tee shots could land in someone’s backyard and result in the player being forced to tee off again.

This green slopes from right to left and can cause some very difficult putts when the pin is placed toward the right side.

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