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Hole #7
Par 4- 419 Yards

Hole #7 is the longest par 4 on the course and doglegs to the right. There are some trees down the right side and if you miss your tee shot you are going to want to miss left. There is also a water hazard as you get closer to the green along the right. There is a large bunker towards the front right side of the green, which can cause trouble when aiming for a top pin.

The green is shaped like an L and slopes from the back right to the front.



Hole #16
Par 5- 500 Yards

Hole #16 shares the same fairway and green as hole number seven. The hole changes from a par 4 to one of the most difficult par 5s on the course. You will want to aim your tee shot straight down the middle or you could leave yourself behind some trees. The approach shot could leave you in the water if miss right or in the front green side bunker if you come up short.

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