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Hole #6
Par 3- 165 Yards

Hole #6 is the first par 3 on the course. The hole provides one of the easiest tee shots throughout the course with it being downhill and straight on line with the green. However, windy conditions can make for this to be a very difficult hole. There is long grass off to the right and a pond that runs behind the hole. The green is also protected by a large green side bunker on the right side.

The green is shared by hole 15 which means you will see one pin on the right and one on the left. The right side of the green is very flat, but missing on the left side would leave you with a difficult putt over the slope.



Hole #15
Par 3- 148 Yards

Hole #15 is a short par three down the hill. The water comes more into play on this hole. Any shot missed left or long will most likely enter the hazard and any shot missed right could leave you with a long downhill putt.

The green is shared by hole number 6 and is relatively flat, except for the right side of the green being elevated from the left.

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