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Hole #4
Par 5- 507 Yards

Hole #4 is the longest par 5 on the course. The hole is a slight dogleg left downhill and a good tee shot is helpful as the left side is filled with trees and out of bounds. The right side is more open than the left, but there are trees that could provide a challenging second shot. There is a greenside bunker towards the back right part of the green with the out of bounds running behind the green, so going long of the green is not the ideal set up for your next shot.

The green is relatively large with the right side being elevated from the left by a large slope thatís towards the center of the green. You will not want to hit your putts from the wrong side of this two-tiered green.



Hole #13
Par 4- 407 Yards

Hole #13 shares the same fairway and green as hole number four, but is instead a par 4. You are going to want to aim your tee shot down the middle of the fairway because anything misses left or right could cause problems with the trees lining the fairway.

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